"Everyone had a great evening and I couldn’t seem to pull her away from everyone, they were just drawn to her!"

Have you ever wanted to know what your hand reveals about YOU?

Did you know that your hand can tell you when you are going to make a big change at work or in your life direction?

Or that it can tell you when you are likely to meet your true love and how many children you’ll have?

Or when you are likely to be travelling or buying property?

Also a comparison of your hands can tell you how you are improving in your life and if you are making the best use of your talents.

Don’t be concerned…we only tell the fun stuff. It is a party after all!

The palmists at A Palmistry Party have been doing palmistry parties for twenty five years and there is one thing that we know for sure…everyone loves to have their hand read!
Our readers are not just experts at palmistry, they are also very entertaining and their presence at your party will give it a fun vibe which will have everyone chatting and comparing their hands with each other.

We have worked at hundreds of parties and read thousands of hands both in Australia and overseas so we are the professionals!

Palmistry provides a fascinating peek into your life and we have been able to guide many confused people by giving them an insight into why they are in the bind they are currently facing. This is because the answers are written on your hands.

Time permitting, we can also provide tarot readings to complement our palm readings.

Palm reading parties are excellent ways to celebrate birthdays; as fund raisers; as entertainment for the girls at Hen’s Parties; at BBQs; and they are great at work Christmas get togethers. In fact, if you have the crowd, you can be positive that they will love you for providing them with the opportunity to have a palm reading.

And even those people who say they don’t want one, will quickly change their minds when they hear everyone else excitedly swapping notes.

So organise a palmistry party today – you’ll be so glad you did!